The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

Actually, the pitter patter is from our black lab Maggie, but Chloe came home today.  We spent the day with Chloe at the hospital taking over a few cycles of her cares from the nurses.  After 5 or 6 hours we were ready to go, so we brought Chloe home.  She was 4lbs 10oz at her last weighing and is only 35 weeks and two days gestational age, so it’s pretty amazing she is ready to go on her own.  We introduced her to our dogs carefully, and after a face wash from Maggie (the doctor said this was OK), she was part of family from their perspective.  Her first feeding did draw some extraordinary attention, but soon Maggie wandered off to dismantle one of her toys.


Julie’s Dad went home this morning and my Mom, Paula, came out to take the next shift.  She got her first exposure to the kids, the NICU and all the diaper changing that comes along.  She even had the chance to give Madison a bath. 


Here we are about to take Chloe home:



Before we left with Chloe, we took one last picture with all three in the crib.


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