Update on the three

Lots to update people on.  First, Madison had a hearing test and she passed.  All preemies are at risk of hearing loss, and Noah and Chloe will get their own tests in due time.  The three all also had eye exams to look for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP).  ROP is also a risk for all preemies and can lead to severe vision issues or blindness.  Noah and Chloe look good so far, but their eyes are still immature so they will have another exam in a couple of weeks.  Madison had Grade 1 ROP, which is the lowest rating of the condition.  Grade 1s most often resolve on their own, and the doctor told us not to spend too much time worrying about it.  She will get a recheck in the next week or so to make sure it is getting better.  If it gets worse, it is treatable except for the most severe cases.


We also will be moving Madison back to Swedish so all the kids can be at the same hospital again.  We tried moving Noah and Chloe to PSL, but insurance will not pay for the transport as it is not medically directed.  Swedish will pay for Madison’s transport back to Swedish, which seems like a wise financial choice given the money they can charge the insurance company for each day she is there.  PSL will wait until she is off of her IV and stable enough to transport.  They expect she will be moved Monday or Tuesday.

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