Results of Madison’s CT scan

Well the results weren’t perfect, but overall the results were good.  She had some additional bleeding in the area where the original bleeding occurred.  The doctor described the bleeding as two small spots, one slightly smaller than a square centimeter and one slightly larger than a square centimeter.  He speculated that this was due to the already delicate vasculature in this area and didn’t feel it was a huge cause for concern.  Her brain did pull away from the skull in some places as the ventricles contracted, but there was no bleeding in these areas.  Her brain should migrate back towards the skull over time.  The parts of the brain that appeared compressed prior to the surgery had appeared to expand, which is a good sign.  They will repeat the CT scan in a couple of days to check her progress, but right now she is stable.  She has a little trouble keeping down food, and she had some mild seizure activity earlier this morning, but otherwise she is alert and is giving her pacifier a workout.
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