Chloe’s genetic test

We didn’t mention it at the time, but the doctors recommended a couple of weeks ago that we have a genetic test run on Chloe to check for something called Turner’s Syndrome.  There were some physical characteristics that could have been indicative of Turner’s, or it could just have been normal recovery from having been recently inside Julie.  I’d go into the details of Turner’s syndrome for you, but the test came back negative so you’ll have to research it on your own.  This does not mean however that she may not come down some day with “Jeff Turner’s Syndrome”, which is a condition where you are blessed with the ability to drive a golf ball fantastic distances off a tee yet ironically your only major physical issue is a chronically bad back.  This can lead to severe mental frustrations down the road treatable only by all night sessions of poker or GTA Vice City on your PlayStation.
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