Updates on all

Well, today is discharge day (knock on wood).  Julie’s fever kept spiking, and they wouldn’t discharge her until she went 48 hours without a temperature that stayed under 100.4.  She was spiking over 103 on Saturday, but it has been resolved.  Best guess is that she had an allergic reaction to her antibiotic.  They changed that, and her fever has stabilized.


Status quo on Madison.  We are waiting to meet with the neurologist who will review the results of Madison’s EEG from Saturday.  Our regular neonatologist said the EEG looked predictable and the activity could have been small seizures or normal preemie activity.  Chances are they will change Madison’s medication to one that will keep potential seizures in check but not leave her as sedated.


Chloe and Noah are doing great.  They are eating well and (in Chloe’s case) spitting half of that back up on Daddy on cue.


Julie is reading everyone’s emails, but with Madison’s condition, her fever and her surgical recovery, she is not in a place to respond back right now.  She appreciates the well wishes, and will be in touch when she feels a little better.

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