Latest on Madison

It looks like Madison has an infection.  They are not totally sure what exactly it is, but they are giving her antibiotics for the most likely suspects.  They gave her more platelets, but her count is still low at 41.  Once it gets over 50, they will do the lumbar puncture to rule out meningitis.  That will probably happen tomorrow.  They also gave her more medication to stimulate her marrow into making more white blood cells.  On a positive note, she was really active this morning to the point that she dislodged her breathing tube.  This caused her oxygen saturation to fall and her stomach to fill with air, neither of which is very comfortable.  They had to reinsert the tube and she squirmed non-stop.  This is the most active she has been her whole life, three days and counting.


Julie is still in a fair amount of pain, but it turns out that is also due to an infection.  Her incision is in great shape, though, and it’s comforting to know that antibiotics will be effective in reducing her pain level as the infection goes away.  Her fever spiked last night, but it is back down to normal.  As long as that does not happen again, she will be back home on Thursday.


Noah and Chloe are still motoring along.  Noah continues to be in CPAP to assist in breathing, and Chloe is doing just fine with room air.  Julie’s Dad was able to hold Chloe for an hour last night and rock her.

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