Concerns about Madison continue

While Chloe is our healthiest baby, Madison is the sickest.  In short, the doctor thinks she will probably be fine but here is what is happening.  She is retaining a lot of fluid, her platelet count is low as her white blood cell count.  These symptoms could be indicative of a couple of things, infection and/or bleeding.  Since Julie was being treated for infection prior to delivery, this could just be remnants of previous exposure to a bacteria that has already been fought off.  Julie produced the antibodies and Madison benefited in utero.  That is the best case scenario and one our doctor describes as the most likely.  However, this all could also mean that she still has an infection in which case they need to help her fight it.  She has been given an injection of antibodies to help and has also been given a medicine that stimulates her bone marrow into making more white blood cells.  They also will test her for meningitis in a day or two, just to confirm that if she does have an infection it’s not that.  She was also given a transfusion of platelets.  Her platelets could be low because they are gathering at a bleeding site.  The biggest fear here is that she is experiencing bleeding on the brain, which is a risk among preemies.  All preemies this young have ultrasounds of their brains at 5-7 days, but she’ll get one at 4 days just to make sure.  Her hematocrit and blood pressure are stable and normal, and since those would skew low if there was bleeding, bleeding in the brain is less likely. 

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