Weights and measures

The babies were born in the order they were tracked in the womb, with Madison first, Noah second and Chloe third.  Madison (f/k/a baby A) weighed 3lbs 4oz and measured 14.25".  Noah (f/k/a Baby B) weighed 2lbs 12oz and also measured 14.25".  Chloe (f/k/a Baby C) weighed in at hair under 3lbs and measured 15".  All three are safely tucked away in the NICU under excellent supervision.  They are small, but honestly bigger than I thought they’d be.  Noah grabbed on to my finger last night and could only get his hand about halfway around by index finger.  If I had to guess, his fingers are about the same width around as a wooden matchstick.


As far as their conditions, they would rate "very good" for 29 week preemies.  Madison is still on a respirator, but they are slowly weaning her oxygen levels down.  Noah already came off of his CPAP, which is a machine which delivers oxygen but also helps keep the airway passages open.  He is just on regular nasal oxygen at this point.  Chloe is still on her CPAP, but she is getting minimal oxygen assistance and has already moved out of her open warming table into a regular incubator.  Noah is not far behind her in that respect either.  Nothing happening is very unusual for preemies of this age, so while we still have along road ahead of us we are off to a good start.


After 29 weeks and a day of pregnancy and major surgery, Julie has certainly felt better.  Last night was another long one as she recovered from everything that transpired.  Now that she is baby free, the can give her stronger pain medications so she is able to sleep now. 

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