Moving day

So they moved us from ante-partum to post-partum housing today.  Not nearly as nice, I guess since they know everyone’s stay is limited.  Rooms are smaller, kitchen is less stocked and it just generally seems to get much higher traffic.  Julie is still pretty uncomfortable, but a healthy dose of Demerol is helping to sleep through the pain. 


Noah is back on CPAP, but they told us that can happen.  They think he will be off that and back on regular oxygen before too long.  Madison is still on a respirator, but they have turned down the supplemental oxygen to the point where she isn’t far from joining her siblings in an incubator.  Chloe is still breathing just fine on room air.  Right now, she’s our little star.  A neonatologist came by and walked us through how each is doing, and in short all are doing very well still given their early term.


Julie can’t walk yet, but we wheeled her into the NICU for a first look at the kids.  It was a little hard to see them in their incubators from the wheelchair, but it was nice to get her a first look.

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