Rough night

I stayed at the hospital last night, and it turns out it was a good night to do it.  The evening started with positive news of the other set of triplets, who were so healthy upon arrival they skipped the NICU altogether and went right to the well baby nursery.  We felt kind of like a prisoner who roots for one of his peers who makes it over the wall.  Good for them; wish it was us.


Our mood quickly trended down as Julie’s pain and frequency of contractions increased sharply.  The rest of the night right through to 6:30 this morning was spent talking to nurses, who in turn paged and spoke to doctors, who relayed new medications and treatments back to the hospital.  The babies were really active probably due to all the contractions as their three bedroom apartment must have seemed like a one room studio on the San Andreas fault.  There was a stretch last night where we really felt today was the day.  It still might be, and the doctor on rounds has not seen us yet, but Julie’s contractions have calmed down somewhat, and her pain has lessened moderately.  Fetal heart monitoring is going smoothly and perhaps after such a rough night, Chloe has decided to go easy on us today.

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