Special thanks

Beyond all the doctors and friends who have help so far, we wanted to send special thanks to Julie’s dad, Bill Herzog.  Bill has been here for almost two weeks and will be staying with us until mid-December.  He tirelessly spends every day with Julie at the hospital and every evening at home taking care of Morgan, Maggie and his own dog Tyler.  His help has been invaluable as we not only manage day to day, but as we continue down our list of baby chores to be done before any homecoming.  Bill has even volunteered to be our replacement night nanny for as long as we want (just kidding, Bill).  Thanks, Bill.

 On the baby front, everyone sounded fine on last night’s monitoring which means the other triplet mom who is expecting will beat us to the punch.  She is scheduled to be delivered today at a stellar 35 weeks.  It sounds like she has been handling the pregnancy pretty well and has been spotted "strolling" around the labor and delivery area over the last few days.  While we are happy to wait as long as possible, we are a little jealous that the other set of trips will get to the NICU first.  They’ll probably get the brand new Isolettes (incubators) with the mountain view, while our set will end up in the equipment in the corner bought during the great budget surplus of 1977.  Seriously though, her late term triplets will be out of the NICU pretty quickly so there could be little overlap if any.  We both are sending her well wishes and good vibes.  We might have mentioned this already, but we’ve heard that all of the nurses have been put on watch now that triplets are in the air.  If staffing is needed for our set, the other set, or both, folks are on standby and readily available.

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