No news is good news

The last couple of days have been blissfully uneventful.  Week 28 acted like March by coming in like a lion, and it hopefully goes out like a lamb.  The doctor who said Julie could detonate at any minute still says it could happen tonight but "won’t be surprised if she lasts a few more weeks."  This is somewhat reminiscent of the team of economists that successfully predicted 8 out of the last 6 recessions.


We had another ultrasound review of the babies today and they did great.  Noah and Chloe scored 8 out of 8 on the review, while Madison only scored 6 out of 8.  One of the tests is to observe the baby breathing for 30 seconds.  We watched Madison for a while but could only observe her breathing for 20 seconds at a stretch.  We argued for half credit, but it seems it’s pass/fail.  Thursday will be a big day as they will measure the sizes again.  The bigger the better, and we’ll post them as soon as we have a chance.


Julie’s diet had gotten really absurd.  Known to all as a very healthy eater, she now seeks out the most amount of calories in the tightest package possible.  For dinner tonight, she had French toast with 6 (yes six) slices of bacon.  That was after having a bag of microwave popcorn, two yogurts, a brownie and an apple.  If it’s high fat and gluten free, she’ll give it a shot.  If she could go to IHOP, she’d be all over the lumberjack special.


The hospital stay continues to be stressful as any day could be "the day".  Bill and Julie’s Dad have been coping in the best way they know how; they took in a World Series game on Saturday and a Broncos game on Monday.  It was a tough assignment, but someone had to do it.

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