Some photos from the front lines


Yesterday was blissfully uneventful, so I thought I’d share a couple of photos:
Here is Julie during one of the fetal heart monitoring sessions which now happen three times every day.  Four monitors in total: 1)Middle front with the nurse’s hand on it for Madison, 2) Julie’s right side for Noah, 3) Julie’s upper right side for herself, and 4) middle left of Julie for Chloe.  Other things in the picture to note are the white air socks on her legs that change pressure constantly to minimize the chances on blood clots for someone on bed rest.  Julie has those on all day.  Also note the IV in her arm; they switch veins every three days…ouch!

We are able to bring Morgan to come visit.  Here is Morgan at the foot of Julie’s bed, just like she would be at home.  Maggie is a little too hyper to bring to the hospital just yet.

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One Response to Some photos from the front lines

  1. Lauri says:

    All those wires and cords and yet she still smiles!!  What a trooper!  Glad to see Morgan on standby!! 🙂  We\’re thinking of you often Julie!!!

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