Western medicine, the (in)exact science

So there are some raging debates going on at our doctors’ office.  For the last week or so, our OB practice thought it would be a good idea to rotate all of their doctors (11 or 12) every day through all of their hospitals (they’ve since concluded that this was not a great idea).  So, we’ve seen a different doctor pretty much every day for the last 10 days, only seeing our regular doctor once.  As a result, we have seen most of the practice, and they all seem to have their own view on things.  Last Saturday, the doctor that saw Julie gave Julie a 75%-80% chance of making it to week 30 (November 9).  On Monday, that doctor gave Julie a 50% chance of making to to week 30.  The doctor we saw late Wednesday furrowed her brow and said that Julie might perhaps make it to week 29.  But our regular doctor referred to Julie as a "ticking time bomb" that could "go off at any minute". 


Then there is the debate over the cause of her bleeding.  Some feel it’s a small issue with one of the placentas, while some others think it is her stitches pulling.  Apparently it got so heated we heard that at the last staff meeting that one of the doctors actually offered to wager on the reason as proof of her confidence.  We have this suspicion that the doctor’s office has a March Madness-like pool going at this point.  "Let’s see, if it’s baby B’s placenta then I win $50, but if it’s an issue with the circlage then I owe Dr. Smith $35, unless of course the babies are born after October 29th but before November 10th, then I win $100."

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