Busy, busy day

So much happened on Friday, it’s tough to keep track.  Julie got the first two transfusions of her life yesterday, and they are helping.  Her iron levels are up nicely, although she will probably need more units come the labor day.  While still in pain, she feels some more energy and a bit more normal.  We also looked into cord blood banking for the babes.  There are services out there that will bank the cord blood which can be useful for treating some significant health issues later in life for the kids should they arise.  It’s expensive, but we get a nice volume discount.  A neonatologist also came by and walked Julie though what to expect baby development wise now that we have reached our 28th week.  From here on out, the chances of severe stuff declines day by day as we head towards week 32, where the chances are not much higher than a full term pregnancy.  We won’t ever make it that far, but it’s nice to know things are on an upward trend.  The risk of really bad things like bleeding in the brain and total blindness are very much reduced at this point.  One of our regular nurses also came by and walked Julie in more detail through a c-section.  She reassured her that the risk of hysterectomy for someone of Julie’s age and health profile would be very unusual so that is a big relief.


Now that we are at week 28, we are also moving to three baby monitoring sessions a day, from the previous two.  They can take a while depending on how active the kids are, so listening to little heartbeats now fills a lot of the day.


The babies also had an ultrasound biophysical profile where two of the babies scored 8 out of 8 and one (Baby A – Madison), scored 6 out of 8.  The judges deducted two points for not practicing breathing; luckily she nailed the compulsories.


We also made it by the full moon without having babies, in case anyone was watching that.  We’re not sure why the full moon would have any bearing, but the well baby nursery is packed this morning.  Perhaps the full term moms are so big they have their own gravitational field and the moon just suck the babies right out?  Anyway, the nurses say the full moon always means it will be busy, and the nursery literally has babies lined up against the walls today.  There is a two to three hour wait for labor and delivery discharge.  Crazy.

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