A sobering week 28

While we are ecstatic about reaching our short term milestone of 28 weeks (yay!), its been very tough.  Julie’s pain is increasing to the point where it is difficult to manage via medications.  The doctors don’t want to give her meds that are so strong she won’t feel new pain when it comes up.  So, Julie has to live with it.  Also yesterday, we got a bit more information on c-sections, specifically on the risk of hysterectomy.  While the risk of an emergency hysterectomy exists with every c-section, the chances are much higher in triplet pregnancy.  As if we didn’t have enough to worry about.


On the bright side, we made it to week 28, which is a critical development milestone.   The risks of complications (cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness, respiratory distress, etc.) are still very much there, the start to decline rapidly at this point.  By week 30 chances are very low, and by week 32 they are pretty much non-existent.  We had an ultrasound yesterday to check the fluid around the babies.  Everyone looks great.

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