Stress bookends the day

The excitement of the day began at 8:30 am or so when Julie started experiencing some more severe symptoms.  When this happens, it could be "the day", or it could be nothing.  So, Bill hopped in his car and started driving over to the hospital from work.  The following is an illustration of the difference between our medical system and the national healthcare system they might have in Canada or Europe.  In Canada, Bill would have driven from the hospital, filled out the paperwork and in two days they would have been told there was nothing serious; all for no charge to Bill and Julie.  In the U.S. (and what actually happened), a nurse examined Julie before Bill was even halfway to the hospital and determined that nothing was going on (and in contrast to the Canada example, Bill and Julie’s insurance company probably paid handsomely for this).  So passeth false alarm number 1.  Fast forward to about 6pm.  Julie starts to experience more severe symptoms, but this time it includes pain that can’t be helped by just Tylenol.  The on-call doctor is alerted, and she determines that the pain warrants another physical examination.  Jump forward again to just after 9pm when the on-call doctor arrives to do the exam; the three hour lapse is a major tell that the exam is a precaution and not a critical procedure.  [editor’s note: we are more than happy to have all the exams they want to give, regardless of how excessive they might seem.  You can’t put a price on this kind of peace of mind and totally appreciate the doctors coming in at all hours to do them].  The conclusion of this second exam was that everything was OK, and Julie could resume her bed rest.  Not a lot of sound sleep is being had, but we are not having any babies so it’s worth it.

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