Off the court problems

Two things not directly related to the babies happened that were real downers.  First, it turns out that Julie’s dad carries an antibody that disqualifies him from donating blood where newborns are involved.  This was quite a surprise to us since he is a regular donor of great frequency.  Second, we are still 8 weeks away from bringing our first baby home and we have already lost our first nanny.  We had found the world’s best night nanny to help when the kids first come home.  She would help take care of everything between 9pm and 5am, and she considered her job done once the babies were trained to sleep through the night.  Unfortunately, she had a personal issue come up that precluded her from committing to us.  She still might work out, but the ambiguity of her situation means we need to start looking again.  We’ve witnessed the incredible turnover in nannies through the lives of our friends with such services, but I figured we would at least need to wait until we had kids before we lost our first nanny.


The babies are still doing OK based on the fetal heard monitoring.  On Thursday, we’ll get another close look via ultrasound to validate everyone is happy and kicking.

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