So Neo, will you take the red pill or the blue pill? We’ll let you know in just a sec.

Yesterday Julie had another physical exam by the doctor, and they kind of go like this.  The doctor might say, "If the fluid around any of the babies is low or they look like they are in distress in any way, you will exit out that door to the OR where we will start surgery and you will become a mom three times over of 27 week preemies.  If the babies look OK, we will send you out that other door where you will return to bed for an hour, or maybe a day, or possibly a week or perhaps more.  This will happen kind of fast, so let me take the opportunity to say congratulations or I’ll see you tomorrow at 10am, whichever applies.  OK, lets look at those babies!".  Luckily the babies looked great and Julie was wheeled back to her room for more bed rest.  And so, while the bed rest is getting tortuous at this point, we know that every extra day those kiddos can cook is a good day.  Julie’s dad took a tour of the NICU yesterday where he met a nurse that had been working there for 19 years, which is kind of comforting.  On one hand, when she got out of nursing school they were probably still issuing leeches, but on the other hand there isn’t anything this woman has not seen before.  She raved at the advancements that had been made over her tenure in their ability to treat premature complications and seemed very knowledgeable about everything.  The heart monitoring went late into the night last night and we might have to resort to monitoring the babies either in pairs or one at a time next time.  It’s just too hard to keep them all still for a 20 minute stretch that time of day.  Probably excited about the Rockies.

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