The start of another week

A blissfully quiet Sunday, punctuated only by the Broncos almost blowing a comfortable lead against the Steelers.  Julie’s Dad ("Bill H."), arrived yesterday, so he was able to take a shift with Julie for the afternoon.  Bill H. was also able to assist holding the heart monitors when the nurses did their evening check on the kiddos.  Everyone sounded great again.  All of Julie’s same symptoms continued for another day, and the doctor again said unless something starts to change we’ll stay just like this.  They really want to wait as long as possible to do anything.  Another day of, "could happen any minute so let’s make sure to keep your IV clean, but then again maybe this will happen next week."  Bill H. brought his dog Tyler with him, who is a small Bichon Frise.  Tyler looks a little lost in the valley of the giants next to Morgan and Maggie, but I’m sure he will settle in once he gets to know them.

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