Message from Julie, looking for O- blood

I’ll need to have a blood transfusion when I deliver and I’d much prefer to receive blood from a close friend than out of a bank given the risk, albeit small, of issues. My dad will donate today but they said I’ll probably need 4 units and my dad will only be allowed to give me 1 or 2. If you’re O- and willing to donate for me, please call me asap. It takes 72 hours to prepare for transfusion and I could deliver at any time although everything with the babies looked good this morning. I’ve had pretty steady bleeding since last Wednesday but they’ll just keep an eye on it and will not deliver me unless Madison moves farther down (or something else goes wrong like water breaks, etc.). The doc said it is crucial for the babies’ health that I make it until at least Friday. Please pray for us that I get at least to there and beyond as much as possible. 32 weeks would be ideal.


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