First snow in Denver, no first baby tho’

Another uneventful day, other than the now routine pain, discomfort, nerves and medications every two hours around the clock.  Julie is still on terbutaline, which is the medication mentioned in an earlier posting that causes your heart to race.  Julie’s pulse can top 130 or 140 at times, which is great if you are working out but totally sucks when you can’t leave the prone position except to go to the bathroom.  Another ultrasound and the babies still look great.  we also were able to get the fetal heart monitors locked in long enough to validate that heartbeats sound great.  The trick is to do it before 6-7pm;  the babies get really active in the evening.  Julie is passing the time by watching movies which helps distract her mind from wondering to some of the more unpleasant outcomes we could face.  Julie’s dad comes into town on Sunday to help out, and he will be here for an extended stay.  The doctor that saw Julie on rounds yesterday said we will wait until the last possible minute to deliver the babies since each hour counts.  Hopefully that minute will be after Friday.

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