Another day down

Well, no news is good news.  Yesterday was an uneventful one.  Julie has an IV in just in case something happens fast, but luckily nothing has.  The babies had anther ultrasound in the morning and they all look great.  At night, they tried to put monitors on to listen to the heartbeats but that seemed to be an exercise in futility.  Several nurses couldn’t pin those little suckers down long enough to get a long listening period.  You hear a heartbeat, then some kicking and squirming, then no heartbeat…reposition the monitor…you hear a heartbeat then some kicking and then nothing again.  We know from the ultrasound that they are doing fine, but they want to monitor just the heartbeats twice a day.  Julie also got a visit from Morgan (our older lab) who had a good day of her own.  She got her bandage off yesterday which she had been wearing for several months due to an severe infection.  Medically a good day for the Mosher-Herzog household.

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