I (this is Bill writing) went on a tour of the NICU this afternoon.  Julie and I are already known characters over there as they have had three stations ready and waiting since this morning.  The nurses were very nice and the babies seemed happy, especially considering all of the things they’d recently been through.  There was a boy there who was approximately the same size as our girls if they came today and he was actually bigger than I thought he’d be.  Things must be very cramped inside Julie, which may explain Baby A’s "drive to the hole", to borrow a basketball reference.  The nurse who gave me the tour seemed to think the weights of our kiddos were perfectly acceptible given their age, but she sees this kind of thing all the time.  The smallest baby she said the had through there was something like 3/4 of a pound which is less than half of our smallest.  When the time comes, our three will be in good care.
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