News from the edge

Things are still touch and go here right now.  Julie is still having issues that we need to keep a close eye on.  One of the babies (Madison, d/b/a Baby A) is really pushing her head down against her cervix, and that is not helping things.  Julie had an exam, and her cervix has lengthened a bit from yesterday, which is some good news.  We also had a very lengthy ultrasound of the babies, and they all look great (albeit very small).  Baby A is 2.24 lbs, Baby B is 1.80 lbs, and Baby C is 2.54 lbs.  Again, we are hoping to put things off until at least October 26th, but baby A is not making it easy.  Julie is telling Baby A to “pull her head out”, but prayer from all for next Friday would be appreciated.  For the perinatologists or experienced parents out there, she is at +1 station. (I guess the rest of you will have to google it).  We are meeting with a neonatologist later today to discuss the implications of delivering today versus tomorrow versus a week from now.


We’ll try to keep the blog updated as we learn more.

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