The saga continues

They started the day with an ultrasound and all the babies look great.  They all passed (with flying colors) a review of their movement, fluid and heartbeats.  Baby B (the boy) even treated the sonographer with a few yawns.  Julie had some more frequent contractions today so they gave her some medication to calm them down.  The downside of this medication is that is drives your pulse up, way up.  So, Julie is on strict bed rest with a pulse of 145.  It’s at hard as it sounds.  The medication also makes her hands really shaky, so it’s pretty hard to use her blackberry.  She can still read emails, but its hard for her to respond.  (then again the shaking might be made worse from blackberry withdrawl, hmmmm…)The doctor came by and speculated that the contractions might have been happening at home, and could have been the cause of the pain and cervical shortening.  So, hospital monitoring turned out to be the right thing to do.  We watched Good Morning, Vietnam while Julie enjoyed mac & cheese with with dogs and homemade pumpkin pie (all gluten free of course).  They are still monitoring her contractions and hopefully the medication will do the trick. 
They also started her on a steroid yesteday, which means that her dream of running international track and field is over but she can still play major leage baseball.  When there is a risk of premature birth, mom’s are given two steroid injections to aid in the development of the babies’ lungs.  It’s just a precaution, but it hammers home the reality that this could happen any time. 
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