Not so routine doctor visit 10-16-07

We had a routine office visit scheduled for Thursday, but on Monday Julie was having some funny feelings and we were able to move our appointment up to Tuesday.  We went in and after the exam, the doctor told Julie, "Well, it looks like you’ll be staying with us."  It seems that her cervix shortened again despite the home bed rest, so the doctor feels the next best step is hospitalized bed rest.  After recovering from the insult of being called incompetent (specifically her cervix was labeled incompetent), Julie accepted the idea that she would not be going anywhere for a while.  So, her new residence is the labor and delivery deck at Swedish Medical Center.  Julie is at 26 weeks and 4 days and at a minumim she needs to make it to at least 28 weeks (Friday October 26th).  Once we hit that short term goal, we can start getting greedy and look towards 30 weeks.  The longer the better, so anything that can be done will be done.  The nurses here are great and give excellent care.  If you want to send her an email, feel free.  She is trying to stay off the phone, so email is the best way to stay in touch.  Emailing good movie recommendations would be a good idea; we renewed our Netflix subscription just in case this happened.  Bill brought over a load of comforts from home, and perhaps we can bring the dogs by for a visit on the weekend.
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