October 4th update

Thanks to everyone for their emails checking in over the last week.  I had gone to the doc last Thursday for a check-up and they kept me at Swedish for a minor surgery on Friday afternoon.  I developed a number of complications (very low blood pressure, high pulse, difficulty breathing and fluid in the lungs (i.e. light pneumonia)), and went through a number of treatments Saturday, Sunday and Monday to get those resolved.  They released me last Monday thank goodness!  I have a lovely breathing apparatus that I’m supposed to practice with every hour to expand my lungs and help my breathing.  Breathing with 3 babies in the belly is difficult anyway, so I use this religiously to try and get back some normalcy to my breathing.  Because of the difficulties and my being on oxygen, I was not really able to communicate with anyone. 

The doc says that triplet pregnancies typically involve lots of challenges and that we should expect more visits to the hospital and more meds to deal with the challenges before I finally deliver.  Because these things are so typical for them to address, although they don’t sound very normal, they do not think I am at an increased risk for delivering “early.”  Usually triplet babies born at 28 weeks do not have any long-term problems, although they will likely have short-term issues that will be addressed while they’re in NICU.  Triplets born at 32 weeks are good to go pretty much as long as they are of healthy size.  They’d still be in the NICU for a little while.  The average delivery is 32 weeks and average time in NICU is 18 days.  So, my goal is to make it to 32 weeks and 1 day (my Mom’s birthday)(11/24), and have them home by mid-December for Christmas.  The longer I can make it, the better for them of course.  I’ll be 25 weeks tomorrow.

I wanted to send out a “global” email so that we’d have one list to which one of us can send updates and one day cute little baby pics!  When I’m able to, I’ll send an update when anything significant happens, and when I get too big to open my computer, either Bill or my Dad can do so.  Bill is also considering setting up a blog on our website, http://www.billandjulie.com, so you can check it for updates and pictures, and we’ll let you know if/when that happens.  He’s pretty swamped with everything else right now. 

My Dad will be coming around 10/24 and plans to stay until mid-December.  We look forward to him being able to help with everything and the extra support.  I appreciate everyone who has brought meals or run errands for us.  It’s been extremely helpful.  We’ve also been dealing with an infection Morgan has had to her leg and almost daily vet visits, so Bill has been quite busy with everything. 

I’m in a hospital bed for now on the first floor of our house and will be on full-time bed rest until I deliver.  I’m transitioning things at work and trying to limit my “activities” so that I can rest as much as possible and grow those babies.  We’d decided on Madison, Noah and Chloe for the names, but now we’re rethinking Madison given it is so common these days.  As Bill says, we may look at one of them after I deliver and say, “he’s not a Noah, he’s a ____.”  We’ll see. 

Thanks again to everyone for their love and support. 



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